CCTV Security Systems

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What is CCTV?
Home video surveillance uses a closed signal to transmit footage for your own use. Closed-circuit television, widely known as CCTV, was first used in 1942 and can capture images and film to be viewed on a designated screen. In the past 10 years the public have been able to purchase this tool as a safety measure for their own home. Several carefully positioned cameras can record simultaneously, capturing a wide range of angles and areas. A high viewpoint is often advantageous to achieve the best view, so mounting poles or wall-mounted positions are popular. The range of the camera, signal, view and quality of transmission can all vary depending on the individual set up. This is why getting an expert to assess the needs of your property or business premises before purchasing equipment can make a huge difference in the long-term.

How does CCTV improve security?
Like many modern security features, prevention is half the effect. As a deterrent, the installation of CCTV can be largely successful. The sight of a camera watching those coming and going to a property is often enough to put off potential trespassers and thieves. Even with crime rates falling, there are over 5 million property crimes every year in the UK. Installing a device clearly visible to those attempting criminal damage or burglary can be the first step in stopping the event in the first place. Although this type of crime is more common in urban areas than in the countryside, many living in remote locations feel safer with their own cameras installed.

What are the benefits of CCTV security systems?
Commercial and domestic clients can both enjoy increased security and peace of mind when they can easily check activity in the vicinity. Being able to record and play back taped action has helped reprimand perpetrators in some crimes, making it an invaluable tool. In 2014 there were an estimated 4.8 million property crimes against businesses, so an investment in this kind of system is certainly worthwhile. Where buildings have to be left unattended after-hours, you can rest assured that you are contributing to the protection of your assets from afar. Reporting the details of a theft become far simpler when you have all the information right in front of you. Capturing individuals on camera affords the police and security services a head-start in bringing those involved to justice. We understand that your company is your livelihood and hard-earned property should be properly protected.

What's the benefit of using Smart FT for this service?
Working with Smart FT to create a video surveillance system tailored to your needs delivers long lasting client satisfaction. Whereas other companies might limit their technology to this area alone, here the ability to integrate various functions through combined systems is offered along with helpful suggestions. For example, recent tech advances now make it possible to combine traditional surveillance with motion and sound sensors. The passion of the team comes across in their creative control options, picked and placed in-line with your personal requirements.