Smart Device Control

Using a web based app on either your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop SmartFT make it possible to take full control of your home from virtually anywhere.

As long as you have a WIFI connection in your home and a signal on your device, control is literally at your fingertips. SmartFT use LightwaveRF systems to give you complete control over your home.

Being able to control your heating from your phone is a luxury that's becoming ever more achievable. Hive are a home automation brand set up by British Gas, providing technology that allows you better control over the place you live. Being able to use your smart phone to get in touch with your house might seem futuristic, but great innovators like these are helping make this a reality for the everyday man and woman.

Forward-thinking brands such as Hive and Lightwave RF now offer thermostats that can be controlled from a remote location. With clever apps to guide you through simple commands, you can change timings, temperatures and even micromanage each room. Having this ability when you're out and about can be a real money-saver for some. Used in the right way, you can reduce wasted energy and make your household far more efficient.

The great thing about home automation is the user friendly aspect. There are no complex controls or endless cycling through programmes using tired, rubber buttons. With a simple swipe or click, you can set a schedule to better manage your heating and hot water. Hive's Frost Protection option allow you to let your device do the hard work for you if the temperature drops unexpectedly. All the things that homeowners have long had to worry about are now simpler than ever to keep on top of. With more products continually coming to market, this is a digital revolution set to continue streamlining the way we live.