Home Automation Lighting

We offer a selection of app compatible wireless switches, motion & Light detectors to enable you to gain full control over your lighting system.

Home automation lighting has come a long way since the days of timing your lights to come on in the evening to make it look like you were home! These days automated lighting is not only much more user friendly, it’s also much more diversified.

Whether you want to have the landing light controlled by a motion detector for when the kids use the toilet at night, or to bring your lights on remotely if you’re away on holiday, the decision is now yours.

For example, you could have a motion sensor on your landing light for when your children get up to use the toilet at night. You could set all of your lights on timers to come on and go off in the evenings while you are away on holiday. You could even switch on your hall light as you pull into the drive of an evening.

Whatever your requirement for home lighting, there is a way to automate it and make it entirely suited to your needs. Sensors these days are even able to distinguish between people and animals - so if you have a motion sensor on your landing light, the cat padding along the hall at midnight won’t set it off. With smart plugs bedside lamps can also be included in home automation - and many home automation can be controlled by a remote control or even through your smartphone so that you can do it from work or on your way home.

The light switch on the wall may well become as obsolete as channel changing buttons on our TV sets, as well all opt to control our home lighting through remotes, motion sensors and smartphone apps. You can control the lighting in every individual room in your home, as well as the garage and garden, with a swipe of your finger.



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Home Automation Lighting



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