Home Automation - Bracknell

We offer Home automation solutions whether you require an electrical upgrade, or just want to retro fit to your current system. If you’re planning a rewire, we can design a bespoke system to give you maximum control over your home. If you’re just looking to retro fit your current system, subject to electrical testing, we can have your home automation system running within a few days, depending on the size of your property.

As a dynamic and proactive provider of technology for home automation, Smart FT strive to provide the latest and greatest products to their customers. For both individual and business use, a multitude of brand new tech is available to drive forward the convenience of your property. With our experience in the electricals industry we are perfectly placed to recommend and install life-changing shortcuts for a fuss-free existence.

Our location in the Berkshire town of Bracknell allows us to work with clients across a broad spectrum. From those battling the confines of disability in their home, to companies looking to welcome the future into their expansion plans, we are on hand to lead the way. Despite dating as far back at AD 942, this bustling town is full of people grasping the best new technology developed to improve all aspects of their lives. Fittingly, in 1949 it became a designated 'new town', specially chosen for resettling displaced families after the Second World War. Keen to keep up with changing times, there are now plans for an exciting new development called The Lexicon. Bracknell Forest Council are set to create this shopping experience, which will include restaurants and leisure facilities. With plenty of major electronics companies based here such as Panasonic, Dell and Siemens to name but a few, there's no shortage of innovation right on the doorstep.

Home automation is a great way to modernise any property. Streamlining the way your home works can save time and money and with busy lifestyles this is particularly important. There are probably tools you're already aware of that come under this term. Climate control has been around a long time, but with an influx of technological advances it has become far simpler. Gone is the age of manually turning up and down the thermostat. Mobile devices can be used to give home-owners greater and even remote control. Unobtrusive ways to install this gadgetry is teamed with design that's just as sleek as the process itself. A smart home control panel is a great way to centralise all the functions you need to manage. Screen-based applications are user friendly and ensure clarity and quick access when a change is desired.

Electrical systems are increasingly moving online to fit in with our active and virtual lifestyles. Almost any element of managing your interior can be handled with the swipe of a screen, from lighting and heating to security and energy monitoring. Rather than wishing you'd turned off that light when you rushed off to work, you could turn it off from your phone using an app and rest easy. If you want to check how much energy you're using on a daily basis our smart devices can track and analyse this information.

Whether you decide to future-proof your ventilation or your heating, our bespoke packages of home automation provide increased quality of life. From less time doing housework to peace of mind when you're out and about, our forward-thinking approach aims to enhance both comfort and efficiency.