Home Automation - Egham

We offer Home automation solutions whether you require an electrical upgrade, or just want to retro fit to your current system. If you’re planning a rewire, we can design a bespoke system to give you maximum control over your home. If you’re just looking to retro fit your current system, subject to electrical testing, we can have your home automation system running within a few days, depending on the size of your property.

Technology and cutting edge design have long found a home in the London commuter town of Egham. Although the high street has a quaint, local feel with the spire of St John's Church visible above the shops, modernity is just around the corner. Those with an eye for something high speed will be happy browsing the car dealerships here that include Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche. Leisure is the main attraction for those moving to this area, with numerous pubs and ale festivals to keep residents entertained. 

Those eager to keep up to date might well look into home automation. With technology touching every part of life these days, why not get the best out of it. Just as you would expect temperature control and automatic lights in your latest motor, so too can your home now provide this level of convenience. It doesn't stop there of course.

Every aspect of your immediate environment can be controlled through use of electronic and sensory systems. Rooms can be ventilated using set times; automatic gates link with your smart phone to keep track of coming and going.

For the hectic life of a commuter coming home to Egham each day, ease and comfort are high priorities. Your home can work with you to record all your preferences, in the modern day equivalent of a housekeeper. With a range of brands constantly developing products to meet your every need when you step in the door, Smart make sure they stay up to date.