Lightwave RF - Smart Device Control

Using a web based app on either your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop SmartFT make it possible to take full control of your home from virtually anywhere.

Smart are proud to bring some of the latest technology direct to their clients. The beauty of taking your home into the 21st century is getting more control over the space you inhabit. You run your home, not the other way around. With our fantastic range of controls and devices the power stays with you and can lead to increased efficiency. Monitoring your energy usage is a great way to get a grip on your bills.

Lightwave RF are one such brand at the forefront of this revolution. We champion their products because they produce real results, creating instant changes in your environment. This high tech gadgetry isn't just for the super-rich, but rather is highly affordable. With a portfolio of complete solutions, you can choose to upgrade one key aspect or get your whole house technology streamlined.

We present these forward thinking systems to our clients depending on their specific needs. Every home is different and so is your routine, but the joy of home automation is it's ability to deliver a truly personalised service.

As a UK-based designer of smarthome devices, using Lightwave RF products supports a leading, home-grown business. With so many sleek features available, picking those best for you can be an exciting process. Wire-free dimming and switches have uncluttered, aesthetic appeal. Scene lighting controls allow you to set the mood with a single touch. From apps that work with your smartphone or tablet, to remote controls that activate multiple devices independently, the future really is in your hands.