Lighting Control

Using a web based app on either your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop, SmartFT make it possible to take full control of your home from virtually anywhere.

Smart FT believe lighting control is one of the simplest ways to improve your home. We use LightwaveRF technology which provides a unique range of smart lighting solutions, allowing you to control your lighting from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This can transform your lifestyle whether you want to create simplicity in your home, for security purposes or to increase energy efficiency. The LightwaveRF genuine retrofit soft start dimmers can be installed easily, without any disruption to your home as they utilise standard back boxes and wiring configurations.

Dusk and Dawn Sensing - This gives you the ability to set lights or lamps to turn on automatically at dusk or dawn, but unlike a standard timer this intelligent technology automatically adjusts to cope with changing light levels throughout the seasons.

Scene Lighting - If you have various lamps or lights in a room this will allow you to group control your lighting fixtures. It means you can switch all your lights off with one switch and create settings for different moods or occasions.

Simulated Occupancy - Whether you are out for an evening or away on holiday you can set lights and lamps to automatically turn on. You can arrange them to come on at set times or randomly, providing added security by giving the illusion of occupancy.

Wake Me Up Gently - Enables you to set bedside lights or dimmers to come on gradually over the course of an hour. This helps you wake up naturally by simulating the sunrise, much less of a shock to the system and better for your wellbeing.

Wire-Free 2-Way - This is a wireless alternative to cabled 2-Way switching. It allows you to add extra light switches wherever you want in your home, adding huge flexibility without having extra cable.

For more information on lighting control, contact one of the team at Smart FT.